DJERBA, Tunisia

Situated off the coast of Tunisia, Djerba is a beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea. Within easy reach from almost every country in the world (thanks to its great transport links!), Djerba has long been the hidden jewel of the Mediterranean. Jewel is an appropriate word – its sparkling beaches set the perfect scene for its dramatic sunsets – a diamond sparkling in the cool, blue oceans. Read on to find out just what you can see and do, and why Djerba is the tourist hotspot for travelers from both near and far.


With historical roots in Greek mythology (think Odysseus and the Lotus Eaters), Djerba has been a hidden paradise for a thousand years. Its history goes back to at least the fourth century BC, and it has been continually occupied ever since. The close proximity to Italy will probably give you a clue as to which civilization has exerted power and influence over Djerba for a long time, but the Romans were not the only civilization to fall in love with Djerba: the Spanish also spent time on the island, as did the Ottoman empire. These civilizations have all left their mark of Djerba – and the keen amateur archaeologist will find a multitude of sights to entertain and interest them.

What to do

One of the most interesting cultural activities in Djerba is the history of pottery. Travel out to Guellala and you will discover a fascinating history of pottery – a historical village which has been in the pottery business for centuries! Lose yourself in the Houmt Souk – strolling around the narrow, winding streets is a delight – from silk to colorful spices, the Souk offers tourists a real insight into Djerba’s day to day life. Of course, the beach is an ever-popular activity for tourists, and Djerba will not disappoint!

Where to stay

If your flight to Djerba has left you a little out of pocket – never fear! Djerba offers a range of accommodation options, from hostels to hotels there is something for everyone. The Auberge de Jeunesse offers good quality, basic accommodation as a youth hostel, while the Hasdrubal Thalassa & Spa offers a luxury stay for those who want to enjoy Djerba in style. Make sure you check out the meal options offered – many hotels offer “Western” menus, but do not be afraid to head into some of the cities and villages to check out the local offerings!