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If you wish to have your abstract presented online and your extended abstract (if any) considered for publication in the proceedings and/or the special issues (full paper), we offer a virtual presentation option for your convenience. Virtual presenters are expected to record a voice-over PowerPoint (more details will be sent after online registration) and submit the file online (link will be sent after payment of the registration fee) shortly after 31st October 2020.

Virtual presenters are thus required to submit an abstract and, if they wish, an extended abstract (short paper) for publication in the proceedings before the deadline (see Important Dates), and at least one author must pay the registration fee. An amount of 150 EUR should be paid for each additional (accepted) extended abstract (see “More information”). The fees cover the costs of the editorial handling and peer-review evaluation of your short paper(s) through the conference evaluation system. Your conference documents will be sent to your email after the conference.

Formula Online
Registration Deadline
* A copy of the Student Enrollment Card for 2020 is mandatory
280 EUR* 31st October 2020

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  • To be included in the final conference program, at least one author of each accepted abstract must register online to attend the conference and select the payment method before the deadline of 10th November 2020 (see "Payment terms" below for more details).
  • If multiple short papers by the same first author are accepted in the final conference proceedings and program, an amount of 150 EUR should be paid for each additional paper.
  • It is possible to attend the conference without submitting a paper after paying the registration fee online.

Payment terms

  • Deadline for online registration is 31st October 2020.
  • After online registration, payment should be made online before 31st October 2020.
  • The registration fee cannot be reimbursed after payment.
  • Confirmation of conference registration will only be guaranteed upon paying online before 31st October 2020.
  • Acceptance of your paper in the conference program / proceedings will only occur following online registration and payment.
  • If you cannot pay before 31st October 2020, please ask for an extension by email specifying the reasons.

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