ART CONTEST – WhEN we are sketching

“WhEN we are sketching” is a new creative art contest competition within WaterEnergyNEXUS to design iconic artworks on the event topics, proposing original artworks with a distinctive style. An additional goal is to increase the involvement of stakeholders on the conference issues using the power of art and image communication techniques, creating images that can focus people on the emerging topics. In this contest, Science and Art will work together for disseminating environmental sustainability.



For the correct realisation of your proposals, keep in consideration the following guidelines:

Artwork dimensions: ISOA3 horizontal (420 x 297 mm) or vertical (297 x 420 mm).

Subject: The artwork must be inspired by one of the different main topics of the conference:

  • Nexus framework and governance (Nexus from the energy perspective; Nexus from the water perspective related to energy; Existing tools and models in analyzing the nexus; Land, climate and energy constraints on water and food sectors; Governance challenges in the Water-Energy Nexus; Governance in supporting innovations in renewable energies and mitigating climate change impacts; Investment and finance for energy and water infrastructure.)
  • Environmental technologies for the sustainable development of the water sector (Water-energy nexus/energy saving technology; Nutrients/hazardous substances control; Appropriate water/wastewater technologies for developing countries; Advanced technology or Nature-based solutions for water; Green technologies for sustainable water and wastewater management; Renewable/valuable resources recovery and utilization; Wastewater/waste to energy)
  • Future clean energy technologies and systems under water constraints  (Water needs in the energy systems such as power plants, fuel refineries, renewable energy development, and carbon capture & storage, etc.; Energy needs for water supply and agriculture: extraction, transportation, and disposal of water, livestock production, fertilizer production, irrigation, food transportation etc.; Agriculture and land-use impacts on future energy systems; Future urban energy systems with considerations of water and food security)
  • Implementation and best practices (Technology innovations for supporting global secure access to clean energy and water; Reductions in water and wastewater utility operational costs through energy efficiency improvements; Case studies of innovative technologies and policies in municipalities and industries for energy and water savings; Energy and water consumption and balance flows of urban and industrial systems).

Style and Technique: you are invited to translate in a contemporary style your personal interpretation of the subject. There is no limit on the technique as long as the submission file respects the guidelines.

Board: The commission for the evaluation of the artworks will be composed by the following international experts:

  • dr. Lucas Fabián Olivero (Argentine);
  • prof. Massimo Leserri (Colombia);
  • prof. Salvatore Barba (Italy);
  • prof. Jacques Laubscher (South Africa);
  • prof. Hugo Barros Costa (Spain);
  • prof. Marcel Sanchez (USA).

The selection of the winner by the board will be the result of an unquestionable evaluation, and it will take into account originality, feasibility and consistency with the brief presented.

Submission: the artwork must be submitted filling the application form reporting all data for the Authors. Artwork image will be admitted in the following format: extension “TIF”, 300 dpi, A3 dimension, maximum size 25Mb (each). A title, an abstract of max 500 words and 3 keywords are required. All documents must be submitted in one zipped file. The authors that intend to participate with more than one artwork need to submit each artwork separately using the submission form. Maximum one artwork for each Main Topic is admitted from the same groups of Authors.

Language: All texts provided within the submission (title, abstract, and keywords) should be in English.



Upload phase: 20th October 2018 23:59 (Italy time). Extended to November 1st.

Board Vote: from 20th October 2017.

Winner announcement: during the Conference. 



Participation is free of charge and open to artists and creative talents of any nationality aged 18 years or older.

The award ceremony is scheduled for 16thNovember  2018 during the closing ceremony of the conference. All artists of submitted artworks may attend the closing ceremony free of charge reserving a place by email at info@waterenergynexus.org.

The attendance of the artists at the event is optional and all expenses including air tickets, lodging, travelling insurance etc. will be their own responsibility.



During the conference, the best artworks from each conference topic, as judged by the art contest board, will receive awards. Decisions will be based on the following criteria:

  • originality and newness;
  • feasibility and consistency with the topic presented;
  • effective communication of the central ideas of the artwork.

Selected works will be exhibited in the conference venue during the event. All winners will be presented with a commemorative certificate and will be acknowledged during the closing ceremony. All participants could see their works published after the conference in a commemorative art book where a brief biography of the winners will be also included. Selected works could be exhibited in international exhibitions set up in UNESCO heritage sites.