We invite submissions of papers for contributed oral and poster presentations at the 2nd International WaterEnergyNEXUS Conference. Join experts from around the world to network, explore and discuss cutting edge issues related to Water&Energy.

  • You are asked to submit an paper, whether you intend oral or poster presentation.
  • Suggested topics for paper submissions are listed below:
    • Nexus framework and governance
      • Nexus from the energy perspective;
      • Nexus from the water perspective related to energy;
      • Existing tools and models in analyzing the nexus;
      • Land, climate and energy constraints on water and food sectors;
      • Governance challenges in the Water-Energy Nexus;
      • Governance in supporting innovations in renewable energies and mitigating climate change impacts;
      • Investment and finance for energy and water infrastructure;
    • Environmental technologies for the sustainable development of the water sector
      • Water-energy nexus/energy saving technology;
      • Nutrients/hazardous substances control;
      • Appropriate water/wastewater technologies for developing countries;
      • Advanced technology or Nature based solutions for water;
      • Green technologies for sustainable water and wastewater management;
      • Renewable/valuable resources recovery and utilization;
      • Wastewater/waste to energy;
    • Future clean energy technologies and systems under water constraints
      • Water needs in the energy systems such as power plants, fuel refineries, renewable energy development, and carbon capture & storage, etc.;
      • Energy needs for water supply and agriculture: extraction, transportation, and disposal of water, livestock production, fertilizer production, irrigation, food transportation etc.;
      • Agriculture and land-use impacts on future energy systems;
      • Future urban energy systems with considerations of water and food security;
    • Implementation and best practices
      • Technology innovations for supporting global secure access to clean energy and water;
      • Reductions in water and wastewater utility operational costs through energy efficiency improvements;
      • Case studies of innovative technologies and policies in municipalities and industries for energy and water savings;
      • Energy and water consumption and balance flows of urban and industrial systems.


Short papers (max. 3 pages) should cover one or more of the conference topics.

Please note the strict deadline for submissions (30 June 2018).

The paper should be written in English. Short papers of 3 pages should be prepared using the Conference Template. Please read the Instructions for Authors carefully before preparing your paper. Papers not complying with these instructions will not be accepted. All papers will undergo a peer-review process.

For notification of acceptance, please see Important Dates.

At least one author has to be registered before the registration deadline (1 October 2018) to warrant publication of the short paper in the conference e-proceedings (for more details see Registration).


To submit, please click on “Submit” available on the WaterEnergyNEXUS.

The submission system will provide a confirmation e.mail after a submission with your ID number.

You can then upload your work as follows:

  • Insert the title of your paper in the “Title” section.
  • Select the major topic of your study.
  • Upload your short paper in the “Upload” section.
  • Press the “Submit” button at the end of the form.

By submitting a paper you agree that if it is accepted, one of the co-authors will attend the congress, register, pay the registration fee and present the paper.