Shadi Wajih Hasan

Dr. Shadi W. Hasan holds BSc, MASc, and PhD in Chemical, Mechanical and Environmental Engineering, respectively. Dr. Hasan’s field of expertise includes water purification, wastewater treatment and reuse, water desalination, and nanotechnology. Dr. Hasan has been leading several projects in water desalination using forward osmosis, reverse osmosis, membrane distillation and capacitive deionization technologies in Abu Dhabi, and has also led a wastewater treatment project with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) (Cambridge-USA). Throughout his academic career, Dr. Hasan has been recognized as an excellent designer (first to design the novel submerged membrane electro-bioreactor for municipal wastewater treatment at a pilot scale-Montreal, Canada) and has obtained a number of prestigious awards including FQRNT. Dr. Hasan has authored and co-authored over 50 articles in peer reviewed journals such as Desalination, Sci. Repts. Nature, Bioresource Technology, and RSC Advances; and conference proceedings including IWA, IDW, EREM, and WEFTEC; and generated significant research interest abroad in the USA and overseas. Dr. Hasan’s research has significant impacts and led to several funding opportunities both internally and externally. Dr. Hasan is an active reviewer for more than 30 scientific journals, and has supervised more than 25 MSc and PhD students, and research fellows.

Department of Chemical Engineering
Khalifa University of Science and Technology, Masdar City campus