Gregory Korshin

Dr. Korshin has been working at the University of Washington since 1991. He has also held invited appointments at the University of Paris VII Diderot, Australian Water Quality Centre and University of South Australia in Adelaide, University of Catania in Italy and Peking University, China. Prof. Korshin is an editor and a member of the editorial board of Water Research, which is one of the highest-ranked journals in the area of water treatment. Prof. Korshin’s research interests include characterization of NOM, disinfection and formation of disinfection by-products, on-line methods to monitor drinking water quality, electrochemical processes in environmental systems, environmental chemistry of heavy metals, advanced oxidation processes and degradation of trace-level organic contaminants in wastewater. He has published > 160 refereed publications, most of them in leading journals such as Water Research and Environmental Science & Technology. Prof. Korshin has participated in numerous projects funded by Water Research Foundation, Water ReUse Foundation, National Science Foundation, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and other organizations.